No itch to scratch here

Bloganuary asks “What irritates you about the home you live in?” Let me echo a known politician:“I reject the premise of your question.”Our home is bathed in gratitudeAnd to say such carries no platitude. Homelessness is on the rise in our cityDue to rent-stress and evictions sans pityFriends and neighbours have sufferedAnd remain under this crisisContinue reading “No itch to scratch here”


Bloganuary now asks “What colour describes your personality and why?” Once upon a time ’twas beigeHiding back, not seeking a stageAs time went on some colour emergedAnd life was released, no longer submerged. I now cultivate white – but not for purity’s sake;Rather seeking balance as a prism might makeWhen blending all colours into a singleContinue reading “Prism”

Eat like a King!

Bloganuary challenge: “What’s your favorite [sic] meal to cook and/or eat?” “For brekky, eat like a king,” they say.“But I eat to live, not live to eat,” I bray!So my favourite meal is simple fareNevertheless, it has some flare! Muesli as a foundation akin to mannaBodies sing with a bit of bananaBlueberries strewn for the healthContinue reading “Eat like a King!”

The Day I was Born

Bloganuary invites us to describe the happiest day of our life. ‘Tis the day I can’t rememberI believe ’twas in NovemberThe day I was born! The seagulls squarked and whirledAs I opened my eyes upon this worldThe day I was born! My pages were new and cleanFuture stories yet unseenThe day I was born! Schooldays andContinue reading “The Day I was Born”


Bloganuary asks “Do you have a memory that’s linked to a smell?” Aromas, bouquets, smells, scents and odoursAll jockey for attention in my memory-like modusWhich one is strongest? Which to the fore?I travel a labyrinth to track down a spore. Suddenly it hits me with unmistakable sensationA soothing pale fluid of strongest olfactionOn lobster-red sunburn fromContinue reading “Smellemory”

Existential dissonance!

“What fear have you conquered?” the Bloganuary prompt teases. Some remain unconquered. A childhood incident triggers aquaphobia. As a result, I’ve gotten through life without learning to swim. For an Ozzie, this is an anomaly! I have concluded that my other bête noir, acrophobia, is just plain vertigo. Air travel is a breeze, even though IContinue reading “Existential dissonance!”

Shanks’s Pony

What is your preferred mode of travel?I was a youngster when introduced to Shanks’s Pony. “How are we going to get there?” I had asked.“Shanks’s Pony” was the dry reply that totally escaped the scope of an innocent six-year-old who, nevertheless, quickly discovered that this was the cheapest and easiest means of transport.Ever since then, Shanks’sContinue reading “Shanks’s Pony”

What chore do you find most challenging?

What chore do I find most challenging?Right now it’s responding to this question!Each day this month I hang on tightFor when Bloganuary prompts next session. Eight PM rolls ’round each dayAnd I hang on tight to my seatWill the prompt be fair? Will it stretch me tight?Will I taste sweet victory or smell foul defeat?Continue reading “What chore do you find most challenging?”