Eat like a King!

Bloganuary challenge: “What’s your favorite [sic] meal to cook and/or eat?” “For brekky, eat like a king,” they say.“But I eat to live, not live to eat,” I bray!So my favourite meal is simple fareNevertheless, it has some flare! Muesli as a foundation akin to mannaBodies sing with a bit of bananaBlueberries strewn for the healthContinue reading “Eat like a King!”

Strange Critters from the North

As if our strange great southern landWas scarce of critters that are in no way blandWith roos and echidnas and platypi galoreWallabies and quokkas sniffing at the door It seems that December is a time to importAdditional life forms of a festive sort. “Elf on a shelf” has been around for a whileGrowing in number,Continue reading “Strange Critters from the North”

Ballad of the Street Lamp

Night light, night light, oh so bright!‘Though my eyes are shut real tight.‘Tis the clock on dimmest settingYet our sleep we are not getting. The street lamp’s out – the lane’s in gloomDiffused light once filled our roomNow dark and clock light contrast moreHence our sleep becomes a chore. They say its best to lightContinue reading “Ballad of the Street Lamp”

Getting wet feet

Matthew 14:22-33 My Dad knew a bloke who could teach me to swimMy seven year self set off feeling grimThis whole new experience filled me with doubtNevertheless, togs and towel after school I set out. The Port Canal was the place where we musteredA small group of kids and a bloke where we clusteredHe hadContinue reading “Getting wet feet”

A New Year’s Resolution awaiting fulfilment…

A bit of bush doggerel for a job I have to get done… I sit by the fountain on New Year’s Day; the bricks shimmer and shine in burning heat. Through the parched bowls the leaves swirl and sway; no streams of water – the pump is beat! Beneath the cover the water is brackish;Continue reading “A New Year’s Resolution awaiting fulfilment…”