Getting wet feet

Matthew 14:22-33 My Dad knew a bloke who could teach me to swimMy seven year self set off feeling grimThis whole new experience filled me with doubtNevertheless, togs and towel after school I set out. The Port Canal was the place where we musteredA small group of kids and a bloke where we clusteredHe hadContinue reading “Getting wet feet”

Drought-time faith

Jeremiah 14:1-9 takes us into a real-time angst-ridden experience of drought where no relief is in sight. How do people pray in such circumstances? Lay it all out as it is – don’t hold anything back. Be impolite and complain – God is not so fragile that God cannot handle it! But Jeremiah also identifiesContinue reading “Drought-time faith”

Action Man Jesus?

One can feel quite exhausted following a reading of the Gospel of Mark’s account of a day in the life of Jesus – today’s text Mark1: 29-39. There is a lot packed into the day so described. It is typical of Mark’s story-telling style – rapid, clipped, urgent, sparing of detail. It gives a pictureContinue reading “Action Man Jesus?”

“I see you”

“I see you.” This meme from the movie Avatar did the rounds for a few months. It seemed to be nourishment for a collective hunger in a world which had descended into anonymity and a penchant for the kind of efficiency that codes citizens by number rather than name. It was a kind of epiphanyContinue reading ““I see you””

Lenten Voices: Psalm 51

The first day of the Lenten journey involves some healthy introspection. Psalm 51 (50 in some translations) is a penitent prayer that is bold in its confidence and trust in the One petitioned. The Orthodox tradition through the centuries has been a thorough exemplar of this combination of strong trust and humility. Listen and prayContinue reading “Lenten Voices: Psalm 51”