Lectionary Haiku 2/3/2022 (Ash Wednesday)

Ash Wednesday begins the fasting season of Lent, inviting pilgrimage with Jesus on the road to Good Friday (that which was described on Transfiguration Sunday as his (and our) exodus – or way out of our human dilemma). A range of texts today carries this theme of penitence and reflection on the human condition. JoelContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 2/3/2022 (Ash Wednesday)”

Lenten Voices: Psalm 51

The first day of the Lenten journey involves some healthy introspection. Psalm 51 (50 in some translations) is a penitent prayer that is bold in its confidence and trust in the One petitioned. The Orthodox tradition through the centuries has been a thorough exemplar of this combination of strong trust and humility. Listen and prayContinue reading “Lenten Voices: Psalm 51”

Ash Wednesday Confessions

Today, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, I respond to the challenge not to give up something, but to take something on – a discipline of some┬ákind. A way forward might be to begin a daily reflection according to my spiritual tradition. This Ash Wednesday, my guide requires me to write a prayer of confessionContinue reading “Ash Wednesday Confessions”

We did Ash Wednesday last night…

About forty of us gathered at the neighbouring church across the valley. We prayed and reflected to a stirring rendition of Psalm 51 by Evelyn Tubb (can’t find the track on the web anywhere!) and watched as our celebrant, Neville Watson, burned gum leaves to form the ashes with which we would be daubed. GumContinue reading “We did Ash Wednesday last night…”