Discovering old journals

Packing to move house is like an archaeological dig. Every now and again as you negotiate the “toss” and “keep” piles of stuff, you come across something that says “pause”. Today I discovered a journal I began to keep when I was considering acceptance of the call to train for ministry. It nearly went onContinue reading “Discovering old journals”

We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder…

Jacob’s story is not exemplary. He was a smooth operator who finally met himself in a confronting way – a way that involved disturbing encounters with the Source of his being. One of these encounters (Genesis 28:101-17) became a song sung by oppressed slaves of the southern states of the USA. Its plaintive cry perhapsContinue reading “We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder…”

Ash Wednesday Confessions

Today, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, I respond to the challenge not to give up something, but to take something on – a discipline of some kind. A way forward might be to begin a daily reflection according to my spiritual tradition. This Ash Wednesday, my guide requires me to write a prayer of confessionContinue reading “Ash Wednesday Confessions”

Travelling the Ancient Mediterranean

Ever wanted to travel the ancient Roman roads, working out the cheapest or swiftest journey by foot, donkey or trireme?  What’s the most efficient route from Eleutheropolis to Olisipo? Which time of the year favors a sail across the briny? Look no further than ORBIS. You can travel back in time and set up your ownContinue reading “Travelling the Ancient Mediterranean”

Such is life?…

Often a picture does it best. I’ve seen reams written on “the six (sometimes seven) stages of life” and even run the odd workshop or two myself. I found this silent but eloquent expression on  The caption is a bit of a worry. That’s why I’ve inserted the question mark. “Such is life!” TheseContinue reading “Such is life?…”

Crossing places

Back from retreat. Reflecting still on the ramifications of chaos theory, entropy of closed systems, and the ‘strange attractor‘ in evolutionary transition. So much sync with the Christian story! Ably led by Margaret Silf. Here’s something I wrote on “crossing places” My rope bridge came to mind even before it was mentioned I hate evenContinue reading “Crossing places”

Exploring destinations beyond

Imagine living in West Berlin during the time of the separation of East and West Germany – half a city full of bright lights and high commercial activity walled off to its other half and the surrounding countryside. Bus and train routes come to an abrupt halt at the borders. The destinations displayed on theContinue reading “Exploring destinations beyond”

Melancholy optimist

In early adulthood I was fascinated with the work of Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning” and logotherapy. His psychiatric practice was based on observations of those with whom he was interned in the concentration camps. Given similar opportunities to survive, some succumbed to the horrendous conditions and died ofContinue reading “Melancholy optimist”

Meditating with Rumi

It was an Iraqi man who introduced me to the beauty of Rumi. Today’s post from Spirituality and Practice also celebrates the spirit of this wise medieval poet and mystic” Search the Darkness Sit with your friends; don’t go back to sleep. Don’t sink like a fish to the bottom of the sea. Surge likeContinue reading “Meditating with Rumi”

Craft for a Dry Lake by Kim Mahood

Part of my summer reading is an autobiography that weaves the theme of attachment to land by settler and Aborigine alike. The death of the author’s father prompts a personal pilgrimage to the remote station lands of her childhood. Her connection to the land is marked by ambiguity – it is a wrestling with identityContinue reading “Craft for a Dry Lake by Kim Mahood”