Lectionary Haiku 14 Feb 2022

Now here’s a project and a way to reflect on daily readings from the Bible. If it yields the fruit that I hope, I’ll make it a tab on this blog. I propose to post haiku reflections on each of the three selections from the daily Revised Common Lectionary (the interchurch three year bible readingContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 14 Feb 2022”

Riding the RCL into Advent

Christmas lights are going up around the street, but it’s not Christmas yet. Our Christmas tree will go up on Christmas Eve and stay for the 12 days of the Nativity commemorations. Next Sunday readings begin the four week season of Advent that precedes Christmas. Like the season of Lent, it is a purple seasonContinue reading “Riding the RCL into Advent”

Hope when all is hopeless

Haggai is not a well-known prophet but his words are like fresh spring water bubbling up in a parched paddock. His work is summarised well by Rev’d Peter Walker in today’s commentary on the text in With Love To The World, “he inspired Israel to recognise that a shattered people can rebuild their community.” IContinue reading “Hope when all is hopeless”

Wooing the one who jilted you …

Who would want to? The Hebrew prophet Hosea – that’s who! Initially, he nurses the pain of anger when Gomer leaves him for a polyamorous dalliance with others. The patriarchal law of his time and place would have allowed his claim on her life. Instead, we see a tender wooing back, prompted by an insightContinue reading “Wooing the one who jilted you …”

On the seventh day of Christmas… hope that envisions a new heaven and a new earth.

This morning another eight Christian leaders face court in Perth on charges of trespass, a result of advocacy for asylum seeker children in┬áthe face of political intransigence and obfuscation. A particularly disturbing feature of the incidents of these arrests was the decision by the police, for the first time, to introduce strip-search procedures, evidently designedContinue reading “On the seventh day of Christmas… hope that envisions a new heaven and a new earth.”

Advent Voices: a candle in the dark

Advent draws expectant attention to an arrival of one divinely anointed┬áto fix the mess we’re in. It’s a season that both highlights the chaos of a violent world and the pregnant promise of its resolution. Advent’s themes are in tension – no more so this week than when the siege in Sydney and the horrendousContinue reading “Advent Voices: a candle in the dark”

Advent Reflection: Hope, not optimism

Pollyanna gets a bit of stick these days. The name of the main character from Eleanor H Porter’s work of classical children’s fiction has become an epithet for anyone deemed to be unrealistically optimistic. In the novel made even more well known by Walt Disney’s cinema version in 1960, Pollyanna invents “the glad game.” NoContinue reading “Advent Reflection: Hope, not optimism”

Creating Communities of Compassion and Hope

Our church is in camp this weekend. It’s our annual pilgrimage to Landsdale Farm School, a state education department residential facility about 20 minutes from home. We hang out, eat, converse and have fun. There are lots of animals to keep the kids enthralled and we have a couple of group sessions around a themeContinue reading “Creating Communities of Compassion and Hope”

Melancholy optimist

In early adulthood I was fascinated with the work of Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning” and logotherapy. His psychiatric practice was based on observations of those with whom he was interned in the concentration camps. Given similar opportunities to survive, some succumbed to the horrendous conditions and died ofContinue reading “Melancholy optimist”