Wooing the one who jilted you …

Who would want to? The Hebrew prophet Hosea – that’s who! Initially, he nurses the pain of anger when Gomer leaves him for a polyamorous dalliance with others. The patriarchal law of his time and place would have allowed his claim on her life. Instead, we see a tender wooing back, prompted by an insightContinue reading “Wooing the one who jilted you …”

A Biocentric view of the Cosmos

Our lectionary reading stopped at verse 25 of the Creation hymn of Genesis 1  – before it got to the arrival of human beings on this planet! This more or less enforced a biocentric rather than an anthropocentric reflection on the first Genesis creation story. The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines anthropocentrism thus: “humanity as the central factContinue reading “A Biocentric view of the Cosmos”

Foodbanks in a land of plenty – World Food Day

Image by Rrrrred via Flickr       By world standards, Australia is one of the best fed countries. In spite of the vicissitudes of climate and a creeping drought line, we produce plenty of food, trade vigorously and respond to appeals for help in world famine trouble spots, sometimes generously, sometimes not as muchContinue reading “Foodbanks in a land of plenty – World Food Day”

The Green Thing – a Senior’s Lament

As a card carrying environmentalist, I can see the humour in this wry lament sent to me this morning by one of my long-suffering flock, who has herself been involved in several cane-toad busting expeditions in our state’s north east and has spent the last two weeks organising conservation measures on Rottnest Island: In the line atContinue reading “The Green Thing – a Senior’s Lament”

Riding the winds of change

Image by twicepix via Flickr     Just as one of the biggest mining corporations canes our state government for not entertaining the possibility of nuclear power (vested interests?), we see this announcement: Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear | MNN – Mother Nature Network. Renewable energy becomes more viable and more accessibleContinue reading “Riding the winds of change”

Our need to know keeps us from learning so much…

Begin to care for nature and nature cares for you, in unsuspected ways – Bill Neidjie, Aboriginal elder and author of Kakadu Man. On the eve of the climax of the great angst – the PM’s announcement of the details of the Carbon Tax package – we hear more wisdom from the earth’s indigenous peoples.Continue reading “Our need to know keeps us from learning so much…”

Plagued by mice and climate change deniers – Eureka Street

Plagued by mice and climate change deniers – Eureka Street. I recall the mouse plague of ’75 in the same area – stretching 100s of kms from Eyre Peninsula across the Nullarbor to Eucla. I was driving with my brother across to Perth to take up my first ministry post. We left Ceduna at dusk.Continue reading “Plagued by mice and climate change deniers – Eureka Street”

Climate change rallies around Oz today

News feeds are starting to come in as Australian state capitals host “Say yes” rallies in support of the government’s proposed carbon emissions tax. Here’s one feed featuring a speech by World Vision CEO  Tim Costello:  Australia ‘seen as climate freeloader’. The timing of the rallies clashed with this morning’s church services, but we finished givingContinue reading “Climate change rallies around Oz today”