Is “Progressive” progressive enough?

  This is the gist of one of many conversations emerging from today’s conversations at Common Dreams.   For some, the term “Progressive Christianity/Religion” sits uncomfortably – it can sound and feel elitist, judgemental and lack distinctiveness in articulating the motives of the gathering momentum (which are diverse and multi-directional anyway).   The metaphor ofContinue reading “Is “Progressive” progressive enough?”

A Biocentric view of the Cosmos

Our lectionary reading stopped at verse 25 of the Creation hymn of Genesis 1  – before it got to the arrival of human beings on this planet! This more or less enforced a biocentric rather than an anthropocentric reflection on the first Genesis creation story. The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines anthropocentrism thus: “humanity as the central factContinue reading “A Biocentric view of the Cosmos”

Vale Christopher

I am saddened at the death of Christopher Hitchens. I enjoyed his writing, even though I struggled to find the words and arguments to counter the blistering clarity and oh-so-reasonable logic of his wit. We differed on much, but we also shared a few things. A birth year. 1949 is a good vintage, and IContinue reading “Vale Christopher”

A benchmark for the ‘new’ atheism

Recent discourse between theist and non-theist positions has been strident – not the least because the platform has been the very wide educational one, both public and private. Government funding of chaplains, indeed the existence of chaplains, teaching of scripture, the saying of prayers, adding faith specific verses to the national anthem – all haveContinue reading “A benchmark for the ‘new’ atheism”

Retreat to advance…

Yep, I’m off to cool my heels for a few days at the local monastery. Contemplative author, Margaret Silf, is leading a retreat around the theme of “transformation.” It seems to sync with some of my daydreaming of late, particularly following discussions on committees and commissions that, confronted with the need for change, are temptedContinue reading “Retreat to advance…”

If weeks had a theme…

… this one would be “breaking through.” a vestige of human decency broke through when the High Court decided against the legitimacy of Australia’s “people trading” deal with Malaysia. the annual Uniting Church School of Ministry considered scholarly data that pointed to where spiritual growth was “breaking through” globally in unexpected quarters and were confrontedContinue reading “If weeks had a theme…”

What does it mean to cede control to the Divine Other?

This is the question I didn’t address in this morning’s harangue based partly on Jacob’s nocturnal struggle with a mysterious strong man. I would have said that Jacob didn’t cede control to the divine being with whom he wrestled all night. He managed to extort a deal – only then did he release the mysteriousContinue reading “What does it mean to cede control to the Divine Other?”

Battling the self within…

One of tomorrow’s texts, Romans 7:15-25a, contains Paul’s self-revelation of the battle within. Like all of us, he so often fails to achieve the high ideals that he’s sold on. Woe is him! But it is his faith in Christ that rescues him from despair. Nevertheless, the reality Paul describes readily attracts the label “hypocrites”Continue reading “Battling the self within…”

Epiphanies of Grace launched

Dayspring Centre for Christian Spirituality & Counselling today launched Epiphanies of Grace: Poems and Psalms from the Dayspring community. The launch marks the tenth anniversary of Dayspring’s official presence on the Perth scene. Dayspring began as a brave venture exploring the possibility of contemplative spirituality amongst folk from a largely conservative and evangelical context –Continue reading “Epiphanies of Grace launched”

Churches across Australia assist the world’s newest nation

Act For Peace is the action arm of the National Council of Churches in Australia. The annual Christmas Bowl Appeal raises large sums of money for its programs. This report shows how churches across the land contribute not only prayer, but muscle, towards peace building endeavours that carry the hallmarks of sustainability and justice, particularlyContinue reading “Churches across Australia assist the world’s newest nation”