Epiphanies of Grace launched

Dayspring Centre for Christian Spirituality & Counselling today launched Epiphanies of Grace: Poems and Psalms from the Dayspring community. The launch marks the tenth anniversary of Dayspring’s official presence on the Perth scene.

Dayspring began as a brave venture exploring the possibility of contemplative spirituality amongst folk from a largely conservative and evangelical context – a bit like mixing oil and water, some would wryly observe. Through its program of retreats, workshops, accredited coursework and an extremely well accredited spiritual direction program, Dayspring has acquitted itself well as an ecumenical ministry.

This has not been without its struggle. Dayspring has had its lean times – energy, money and personnel wise.

At the launch, I recited my Orchard Psalm from 2003 and I feel it describes Dayspring’s journey as well as my own at the time. It’s based on Colossians 1:3-14 and was written after helping with some work in New Norcia’s monastery orchard.

Lord, you not only would have me bear fruit
but you say it is already so…
As I look back over my labours and strivings
I see that these have come to nothing –
yet there is richness and fruit abundant –
all the outcomes of your grace!
Were all my strivings worthless then?
Or is there some symbiosis
between my poor labours
and the fecundity of your grace?

In the monastery orchard,
I see fruit trees and vines,
simply being what they are,
bearing fruit in rich fullness.
Yet we laboured to complete the frames
to protect the fruit from marauding fowl.
The frames and the labour that went into them
did not produce the fruit;
however, they guard and protect
what grace has given.
So, Father, may I see my labours –
a response to your grace, to guard and protect,
that all may taste the prodigality of your love!

The book is available from Dayspring at $20 AUS

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