If weeks had a theme…

A Wild Cherry (Prunus avium) in flower.
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… this one would be “breaking through.”

  • a vestige of human decency broke through when the High Court decided against the legitimacy of Australia’s “people trading” deal with Malaysia.
  • the annual Uniting Church School of Ministry considered scholarly data that pointed to where spiritual growth was “breaking through” globally in unexpected quarters and were confronted with the notion that denominational structures would need to make way or disappear. Get ready for a “third world” face to Christianity that will replace the “first world” visage. (My poor and inexact summary of three excellent presentations by Professor Robert Gribben, United Faculty of Theology, University of Melbourne.)
  • the launch of Dayspring’s tenth anniversary celebrations where keynote speaker, author Margaret Silf, reflected on “breaking through” as a necessary condition for transformation. You can break an egg destructively or creatively. For the hatching chick it is one of life’s first creative moments. For many in the church, restrictive structures and rigid, unreflected upon dogma can be a shell that needs to be broken for the creative life of the Spirit to do its work.
  • Then, of course, Thursday was the first day of Spring (southern hemisphere), the season of new life breaking through everywhere.
The theme needs to be celebrated with a change of blog dressing, hence the WordPress theme “Spring Loaded”

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