Is “Progressive” progressive enough?


This is the gist of one of many conversations emerging from today’s conversations at Common Dreams.


For some, the term “Progressive Christianity/Religion” sits uncomfortably – it can sound and feel elitist, judgemental and lack distinctiveness in articulating the motives of the gathering momentum (which are diverse and multi-directional anyway).


The metaphor of midwifery, also introduced today, informs the dilemma. After all, it is not usual to name a child until after it is born!


For now, progressive in the sense, of “moving forward”, “non-static”, “evolving”, seems to be OK for a peg to hang discussions on.


The movement looks for expressions of faith that are practical, based on Jesus inspired action rather than defining and debating Christological abstracts, inclusive rather than exclusive in transforming community, and ready to be caught up in wonder and partnership across a multiplicity of scientific, artistic and social disciplines.


In some ways, it’s back to the beginning, the core business of those who called themselves followers of the Way.


If this is what is meant by progressive, we are in for an interesting ride.










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3 thoughts on “Is “Progressive” progressive enough?

  1. This sounds such a refreshing approach. If not “progressive” then I’m thinking the term ‘post’ is often used to imply movement forward whilst maintaining a link with something former. Post literal Christianity perhaps?. Maybe something to play with!


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