An Evolutionary Theologian’s 10 pointers for progressive practice

Bruce Sanguin shared 10 succinct pegs for evolving practitioners of the Jesus way to hang their hats on at the Common Dreams Conference in Canberra tonight. Kick the apocalyptic habit. Things ain’t all bad, indeed the world is ablaze with the glory of God if one cares to look. Be inclusive of the tradition thatContinue reading “An Evolutionary Theologian’s 10 pointers for progressive practice”

Is “Progressive” progressive enough?

  This is the gist of one of many conversations emerging from today’s conversations at Common Dreams.   For some, the term “Progressive Christianity/Religion” sits uncomfortably – it can sound and feel elitist, judgemental and lack distinctiveness in articulating the motives of the gathering momentum (which are diverse and multi-directional anyway).   The metaphor ofContinue reading “Is “Progressive” progressive enough?”

Paradox of Spring

Today sees the installment of arguably Australia’s most conservative government ministry. It is also the eve, in the same city, of the Progressive Christian Common Dreams Conference. The juxtaposition of these two events creates a tension reminiscent of the paradoxes described by Parker Palmer when he explores the tug of war of life bursting forthContinue reading “Paradox of Spring”