As our new government continues to dismantle structures of humanitarian aid through a policy of “absorption” and further bastardise our collective responsibility to the world refugee crisis, it was good to hear today of another voice of constructive protest.

A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) described its manifesto at the Common Dreams Conference currently under way in Canberra.

APCV describes itself as a group of Christians who wish to contribute to a public debate by promoting a generous and future-focused understanding of the Christian faith.

It’s manifesto includes:

  • understanding Christian opinion to be more diverse and broader than portrayed by the media
  • contributing insights from progressive streams of Christianity
  • minimising effect of powerful lobby groups on public discourse
  • promoting public awareness of diversity of Christian opinion
  • welcoming fresh insights into the interpretation of Christian scriptures and tradition
  • not speaking on behalf of any Christian denomination, congregation, community or organisation

Think I can add my voice here! Let the green shoots burst forth from the cold earth.