Wooing the one who jilted you …

Who would want to? The Hebrew prophet Hosea – that’s who! Initially, he nurses the pain of anger when Gomer leaves him for a polyamorous dalliance with others. The patriarchal law of his time and place would have allowed his claim on her life. Instead, we see a tender wooing back, prompted by an insightContinue reading “Wooing the one who jilted you …”

In Between Times

I’m at work in the church study. It is eerily quiet on a day that would normally be abuzz – the rooms full of people going about their art and craft activities, sharing stories, encouraging, commiserating, inspiring. This is an “in-between” time – a space of silence affording me time to do a little extraContinue reading “In Between Times”

See a wrong and right it

My brother-in-law, Des, is preparing a 665km kayak trip down the River Murray.  It’s not just his love of kayaking that prompts this venture; there’s been a fire in his belly ever since he visited Kitgum, Uganda, with my sister Janet, who had previously delivered relief to the school and orphanage there, a place ofContinue reading “See a wrong and right it”

Another reflection on Australia Day

Some thoughtful words for the sake of those who go a little overboard on claiming Australia’s Christian pedigree: The Great South Land – Synchroblog | RodneyOlsen.net. Christians have a role to play in what is essentially a secular nation – but it’s one based on service rather than some notion of a divine right toContinue reading “Another reflection on Australia Day”

A tale of two double speed economies.

A newly released report on the privations of those worst-affected in Australia’s two speed economy offers an apt foil for tomorrow’s parable of the workers in the vineyard. The working poor of Victoria are the focus of this Uniting Church report, particularly those contracted as cleaners in large suburban shopping centres. What is analysed inContinue reading “A tale of two double speed economies.”

Creating Communities of Compassion and Hope

Our church is in camp this weekend. It’s our annual pilgrimage to Landsdale Farm School, a state education department residential facility about 20 minutes from home. We hang out, eat, converse and have fun. There are lots of animals to keep the kids enthralled and we have a couple of group sessions around a themeContinue reading “Creating Communities of Compassion and Hope”

Churches across Australia assist the world’s newest nation

Act For Peace is the action arm of the National Council of Churches in Australia. The annual Christmas Bowl Appeal raises large sums of money for its programs. This report shows how churches across the land contribute not only prayer, but muscle, towards peace building endeavours that carry the hallmarks of sustainability and justice, particularlyContinue reading “Churches across Australia assist the world’s newest nation”

Reasonable hope after the earthquake

I’ve avoided writing much about the earthquake – not really knowing where to start after a season of flood, fire and storm. What can be said that hasn’t been said before? How does one reach out anew? Then Eureka Street publishes an article contrasting ‘reasonable’ and ‘unreasonable’ hope reflecting on the image of the collapsedContinue reading “Reasonable hope after the earthquake”