A sermon from within

Church of Christ Wembley Downs 19th June 2022 Today we have two stories to mull over. We are in the Season of the Spirit so we might expect our texts to say something about that. One is from the Hebrew tradition, speaking of the incident in the life of Elijah that transformed his perception ofContinue reading “A sermon from within”

Claim your authority… when authentic!

#Bloganuary Writing Prompt: What is a life lesson everyone can benefit from learning? Gingerly I laid out my clinical caseInvolving some conflict I refused to faceMy mentor stood up, tall and intense,Determined to inject me with some good common sense. “Who is your bishop?” he demanded to know.“We have none – we are our own,”Continue reading “Claim your authority… when authentic!”

#Bloganuary No.3

Write about the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone Sometimes it seems as if I am perpetually out of my comfort zone. The paradox is that I have spent a life time – seven decades! – learning to live within a state of what some call “existential dissonance.”It may sound grim, butContinue reading “#Bloganuary No.3”

Presenting one’s credentials …

First impressions are paramount, our life coaches tell us. Suit up, look confident and practice that opening line if you want to succeed in love, finance and influence. What if your goal is to begin a process that transforms the world from one beholden to despotic violence to one that exhibits the wholesome fullness ofContinue reading “Presenting one’s credentials …”