Climate change rallies around Oz today

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News feeds are starting to come in as Australian state capitals host “Say yes” rallies in support of the government’s proposed carbon emissions tax.

Here’s one feed featuring a speech by World Vision CEO  Tim Costello:  Australia ‘seen as climate freeloader’.

The timing of the rallies clashed with this morning’s church services, but we finished giving just sufficient time for supporters to leave and join the anticipated throng meeting at Perth’s cultural centre. Of course, opponents of the tax were present in our worship service as well.

We attempted to filter these differences, partly symptomatic of the wedge politics that presently plagues public discourse, through John 17:1-11 featuring the opening sentences of Jesus’ prayer that those who follow him might be one.

We noted that genuine followers of Jesus, for different reasons, might find themselves facing each other from opposing rallies today. The tough challenge they face is to slice through the general rhetoric and name-calling to discover common ground – for there are concerns shared by both sides of the argument. Christ left a marker by which his followers would recognise one another – the spirit of love that unifies one another as the Son and the Father. Such love will be marked by a concern for the common good which includes a sustainable environment for future generations and due alleviation of hardship for the most vulnerable of the present generation.

We may see folk we know on tonight’s TV news. Let’s hope they’re being friendly!

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