#Bloganuary Writing Prompt: How Are You Changing The World? My old cartoon instincts are immediately kicking in, reminding me of my early days of fatherhood sharing the squawling, squirming infant-changing routine. Except no infant here, but a hard done by globe, polluted and sickly, lamenting the loss of dimly remembered pristine goodness. The question forContinue reading “World-changer!”

Plagued by mice and climate change deniers – Eureka Street

Plagued by mice and climate change deniers – Eureka Street. I recall the mouse plague of ’75 in the same area – stretching 100s of kms from Eyre Peninsula across the Nullarbor to Eucla. I was driving with my brother across to Perth to take up my first ministry post. We left Ceduna at dusk.Continue reading “Plagued by mice and climate change deniers – Eureka Street”

Debating Global Warming…

… is not my favourite pastime as people’s minds are generally made up and difficult to sway. As a flunkee in high school physics I’m somewhat behind the eight-ball when countering climate skeptics’ arguments. What I can argue, however, is human responsibility to care for the planet. When someone gleefully seeks to trump this argumentContinue reading “Debating Global Warming…”

Celebrating the carbon tax – Eureka Street

Fasten your seat belts, folks – we’re in for a bumpy ride. Tony Kevin does a good job of identifying political, scientific and economic juggling pins that must be kept in the air over years to come in¬†Celebrating the carbon tax – Eureka Street. “What’s to celebrate?” is a question I hear, however, from bothContinue reading “Celebrating the carbon tax – Eureka Street”

Taxing against Climate Change

Neither Prime Minister Rudd nor Opposition Leader Abbot sponsor policies that deal adequately with climate change challenges. Inevitably, the politics of funding gets in the way. A Eureka Street article by Peter Hodge points to a possible solution called the “Tobin Tax” – a tax on foreign currency transactions. “Set at a tiny 0.005 perContinue reading “Taxing against Climate Change”

Climate Change – skeptics vs believers

Here’s a helpful chart setting out recent debating points between climate change skeptics and their opposites. Found it while taking a break from Christmas service preparations. Will there be peace and goodwill on the climate change front? Will Copenhagen chaos lead to something more than a whimper?

Geothermal energy in Perth heralds PlanetPrayer

Great to see Norman Moore’s annoucement that ¬†geothermal energy is to be implemented as a viable alternative for the cooling of Perth. In the meantime and on the eve of COP15, the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, PlanetPrayer begins its daily prayer cycle. You can subscribe for a daily email that includes environmental careContinue reading “Geothermal energy in Perth heralds PlanetPrayer”

What can we expect from Copenhagen?

Over the last day, the scene has certainly changed dramatically for what Australia can put on the table. The offering was going to be fairly paltry and ineffective anyway, and there is a sense in which I and others are relieved that it’s back to the drawing board for us as a country. There areContinue reading “What can we expect from Copenhagen?”