Debating Global Warming…

… is not my favourite pastime as people’s minds are generally made up and difficult to sway. As a flunkee in high school physics I’m somewhat behind the eight-ball when countering climate skeptics’ arguments. What I can argue, however, is human responsibility to care for the planet. When someone gleefully seeks to trump this argumentContinue reading “Debating Global Warming…”

Geothermal energy in Perth heralds PlanetPrayer

Great to see Norman Moore’s annoucement that ¬†geothermal energy is to be implemented as a viable alternative for the cooling of Perth. In the meantime and on the eve of COP15, the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, PlanetPrayer begins its daily prayer cycle. You can subscribe for a daily email that includes environmental careContinue reading “Geothermal energy in Perth heralds PlanetPrayer”