The Green Thing – a Senior’s Lament

As a card carrying environmentalist, I can see the humour in this wry lament sent to me┬áthis morning┬áby one of my long-suffering flock, who has herself been involved in several cane-toad busting expeditions in our state’s north east and has spent the last two weeks organising conservation measures on Rottnest Island: In the line atContinue reading “The Green Thing – a Senior’s Lament”

Demonising the Greens – Eureka Street

Demonising the Greens – Eureka Street. This thoughtful article reflects some of the healthy tensions in my own church community comprising robust and articulate adherents across the whole range of the political spectrum. Having just entered a solar-energy package that benefits both our local church and its adherents through our environmental policy (and the pragmaticContinue reading “Demonising the Greens – Eureka Street”

The morning after polling day in Western Australia

So here we sit with an undetermined result – neither major party has sufficient seats to form government in its own right. Minor parties and independents will have a major say in how WA’s next government is formed. This is parliamentary democracy at work. In the end a small portion of the electorate will ultimatelyContinue reading “The morning after polling day in Western Australia”

So – who are you going to vote for?

Elections are in the air. Campaigning has moved into high gear in the USA as Barak Obama and John McCain begin to slug it out. We go to the polls here in WA this Saturday. Will we vote for more of the same last eight years or take a gamble on a hastily revamped opposition?Continue reading “So – who are you going to vote for?”

Does green have a dark side?

I occasionally post “sustainable energy” news clips to the PeaceChurch mailing list, particularly where the church in Australia is adding something to the debate. Responses are inevitably mixed – no less earlier this week when I posted the following: Some 40 religious leaders (including Churches of Christ, as well as leaders from Muslim, Jewish, Hindu,Continue reading “Does green have a dark side?”