A CRE teacher reflects…

I begin this year’s round of Christian Religious Education (CRE) classes at the local primary school tomorrow – this is in response to the national statutory permission for churches to negotiate access to Education Department schools for the purpose of “religious instruction” for 30 minutes per class per week. The experience for a student isContinue reading “A CRE teacher reflects…”

World Communion Sunday

I used a day of leave to¬†experience¬†communion in a tradition quite different to that which I am accustomed, so I took myself off to the 10 am Choral¬†Eucharist at St Georges Cathedral of the Anglican Arch Diocese of Perth, Western Australia. I have participated in communion services of the higher liturgical traditions before, most notablyContinue reading “World Communion Sunday”

The morning after polling day in Western Australia

So here we sit with an undetermined result – neither major party has sufficient seats to form government in its own right. Minor parties and independents will have a major say in how WA’s next government is formed. This is parliamentary democracy at work. In the end a small portion of the electorate will ultimatelyContinue reading “The morning after polling day in Western Australia”