Combined Pentecost Eucharist

This morning, four Wembley Downs congregations representing four different traditions gathered together at St Paul’s Anglican Church for a combined Pentecost Eucharist. Everyone wore red, the liturgical colour representing the tongues of flame that symbolise the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon the120 gathered in Jerusalem soon after the departure of the resurrected Jesus.Continue reading “Combined Pentecost Eucharist”

One of my colleagues sees the Emmaus incident as central to a true understanding of the celebration of the Lords Supper, aka Holy Communion, aka Eucharist. It is in the stranger’s breaking and blessing of bread that the crucifixion and resurrection in the midst of a questing and believing household of faith becomes real. StillContinue reading

World Communion Sunday

I used a day of leave to¬†experience¬†communion in a tradition quite different to that which I am accustomed, so I took myself off to the 10 am Choral¬†Eucharist at St Georges Cathedral of the Anglican Arch Diocese of Perth, Western Australia. I have participated in communion services of the higher liturgical traditions before, most notablyContinue reading “World Communion Sunday”