Swinging on the Vine

Somehow I felt I had to justify this sermon title for John 15:1-8 at our combined Uniting Church/Church of Christ service this morning. During the week, with ANZAC Day music playing in the background, while I exegeted the Greek text of “abiding,” my attention was drawn to jazz variations of the ubiquitous commemoration hymn, “AbideContinue reading “Swinging on the Vine”

In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!

“In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.” This eirenic phrase is attributed to St Augustine and has been taken up by various reformers, including the Moravians and the space within the¬†spectrum of the Christian family to which I belong. There’s a rub, however, when it comes down to deciding whatContinue reading “In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!”

One man’s meat …

There’s an app I’ve discovered on my phone that can break down the nutritional value of my daily meals. It seems like I have a healthy balance in the meat department. My vegetarian and vegan friends might be appalled at such a notion, however, and point to many other sources of protein. We remain friends.Continue reading “One man’s meat …”

On the sixth day of Christmas – cosmic outlook!

Imagine being freed of all spatial and temporal limitation! The high fence surrounding our time frame of an allotted threescore and ten (or thereabout) is torn down. Star Trek type transportation effortlessly disassembles and reunites our cells so that, at a word, ¬†we can be present to any place in the universe. We are perenniallyContinue reading “On the sixth day of Christmas – cosmic outlook!”

Combined Pentecost Eucharist

This morning, four Wembley Downs congregations representing four different traditions gathered together at St Paul’s Anglican Church for a combined Pentecost Eucharist. Everyone wore red, the liturgical colour representing the tongues of flame that symbolise the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon the120 gathered in Jerusalem soon after the departure of the resurrected Jesus.Continue reading “Combined Pentecost Eucharist”

Churches combine for Pentecost Eucharist

A quick sneak pic of part of the Pentecost crowd at our combined Wembley Downs churches Eucharist comes out all blurred and wrong, but strangely evocative of the great occasion where the Holy Spirit descended upon the crowd in Jerusalem forever altering perspectives and shifting paradigms of people everywhere in perception of the Creator’s interactionContinue reading “Churches combine for Pentecost Eucharist”