Easter where the rubber hits the road

In the closing phrases of his first letter to the Christians in Corinth, the Apostle Paul delivers what biblical scholars call the kerygma – the announcement of the good news of Easter.   From the content of the letter, we can tell that the fledgeling church had some serious issues, and the apostle’s frustration mingled with love inContinue reading “Easter where the rubber hits the road”


A new ambassador stands before the Prime Minister and formally hands over an introductory letter sealed with the mark of his own government. A hopeful business recruit emails her CV and academic record to a prospective employer. A starry-eyed couple meet over coffee, swapping life stories in an effort to test the polarities of magnetism between themContinue reading “Credentials”

All things to all people – look for the motive!

“I have become all things to all people” – this phrase speaks of election campaigns! Suddenly politicians, normally hiding from public view, enter the catwalk,  glad-handing everywhere. Previous “no-go” districts in their electorates become the target of media focused sortees, where solutions are offered to longstanding unsolvable problems. In order to win the maximum number ofContinue reading “All things to all people – look for the motive!”

Tall poppy rights

Visitors to Australia are sometimes mystified by the Australian egalitarian penchant for “lopping the tall poppies,” i.e. ridiculing those who, by virtue of excellence in their field, may be at risk of showing a tendency to rise above the crowd either in attitude, eccentric behaviour or even failure to meet popular expectation. We quickly cut themContinue reading “Tall poppy rights”

In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!

“In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.” This eirenic phrase is attributed to St Augustine and has been taken up by various reformers, including the Moravians and the space within the spectrum of the Christian family to which I belong. There’s a rub, however, when it comes down to deciding whatContinue reading “In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!”

One man’s meat …

There’s an app I’ve discovered on my phone that can break down the nutritional value of my daily meals. It seems like I have a healthy balance in the meat department. My vegetarian and vegan friends might be appalled at such a notion, however, and point to many other sources of protein. We remain friends.Continue reading “One man’s meat …”

Lenten Voices: On Her Majesty’s Service….

Kingsman: The Secret Service – is a rip-roaring enjoyable spy spoof lightly touching on some tangible everyday challenges – climate change, bullying, coming of age, redemption. The genre, of course, draws on unflinching, totally dedicated, sacrificial service, epitomised by agents given to Her Majesty’s Service (or His Majesty, when the Kingsman private spy agency was born).Continue reading “Lenten Voices: On Her Majesty’s Service….”

Healing a fractured humanity

The Apostle Paul had a big job on his hands while acting as a consultant to the factionalised Christian community of Corinth. He appeals to theology, rhetoric and personal investment as he attempts to bring healing to human divisions based on status, party allegiance and ambition. It all sounds rather too familiar. Our reflection today leadsContinue reading “Healing a fractured humanity”