Lenten Voices: On Her Majesty’s Service….

Kingsman: The Secret Service – is a rip-roaring enjoyable spy spoof lightly touching on some tangible everyday challenges – climate change, bullying, coming of age, redemption. The genre, of course, draws on unflinching, totally dedicated, sacrificial service, epitomised by agents given to Her Majesty’s Service (or His Majesty, when the Kingsman private spy agency was born).Continue reading “Lenten Voices: On Her Majesty’s Service….”

The messiness of faith and sibling rivalry

Lenten reflections take us a little further into Abram’s epic but troubled journey. Genesis 12:4b-20 –  the patriarch eventually finds himself in Egypt and, for cargo and self-preservation, makes his presumably comely wife (Sarai) available to the Pharaoh. Hardly a salubrious beginning for the father of the world’s three major monotheistic faiths! Stories of faith areContinue reading “The messiness of faith and sibling rivalry”

Healing a fractured humanity

The Apostle Paul had a big job on his hands while acting as a consultant to the factionalised Christian community of Corinth. He appeals to theology, rhetoric and personal investment as he attempts to bring healing to human divisions based on status, party allegiance and ambition. It all sounds rather too familiar. Our reflection today leadsContinue reading “Healing a fractured humanity”

Why keep saying sorry?

Sorry Day commemorations in Wellington Square, Perth, were significant but low key this morning. The usual annual crowd of 3000, comprising school children and business folk, is not as accessible on a chilly Saturday morning. Even so, about 100 folk gathered at the Sorry Pole listened to speeches from Sorry Day leaders, Noongar Elder BenContinue reading “Why keep saying sorry?”

Stories from the Canning Stock Route

So runs the sub-title of a stunning Aboriginal Art exhibition that is now on tour from the National Museum of Australia. Of course, the Canning Stock Route has had its dominant “whitefella” story told many times. We claim it as the toughest, remotest and (at 1850km) longest historic stock route in the world. Around theContinue reading “Stories from the Canning Stock Route”

First & Last Peoples

  What is an Aboriginal view concerning asylum seekers? Ironically, while mainstream Australia quakes at the prospect of the “great invasion” by leaky boats, our first peoples (who have an outstanding and legitimate claim to having been invaded by “boat people”) are more accommodating. Here is a brilliant speech by Lowitja O’Donoghue: Return to Afghanistan: resettlementContinue reading “First & Last Peoples”

Indigenous Australians taking the next step – Eureka Street

Indigenous Australians taking the next step – Eureka Street. Continuing reflections on NAIDOC week, this article describes a personal odyssey that reminds me very much of the ‘listening journey’ myself and some others undertook in the same region three years ago. Resilience and optimism against the background of the challenges of cultural deprivation and restorationContinue reading “Indigenous Australians taking the next step – Eureka Street”

Reflections on indigenous medicine…

Failure to appreciate the importance of indigenous belief and practice lies behind the limited success of various Western health interventions in the Third World. – Cluny and La’avasa Macpherson (Samoa) So reads this morning’s offering from Native Wisdom for White Minds. As NAIDOC week unfolds I reflect on the various indigenous remedies I have used to keepContinue reading “Reflections on indigenous medicine…”

Yarning over dot painting…

… is a pathway to reconciliation, according to Don, a Noongar artist working in the NAIDOC tent in the centre of Subiaco this week. This was in response to my sharing the information that my church was working with Reconciliation Australia on a Reconciliation Action Plan. I was fascinated with the intricately patterned painting heContinue reading “Yarning over dot painting…”

The Parable of the Abattoir Wall

This story told by an Aboriginal pastor illustrates well the connection between trusting relationships and truth as described in John 14:15-21, today’s gospel reading. The Parable of the Abattoir Wall For many years, the custom in one of the abattoirs had been to paint a coat of whitewash over the bloodstains on its walls.  ThisContinue reading “The Parable of the Abattoir Wall”