Doodling vindicated

My schoolboy doodling habit faded sometime ago – not the least because of my being caught up in the digital revolution. It’s much easier to scrawl absent-mindedly on what ever surface is available if you have a pen in hand rather than an android. The inner censor, well trained by censorious school masters/mistresses, also inhibitedContinue reading “Doodling vindicated”

First & Last Peoples

  What is an Aboriginal view concerning asylum seekers? Ironically, while mainstream Australia quakes at the prospect of the “great invasion” by leaky boats, our first peoples (who have an outstanding and legitimate claim to having been invaded by “boat people”) are more accommodating. Here is a brilliant speech by¬†Lowitja O’Donoghue: Return to Afghanistan: resettlementContinue reading “First & Last Peoples”