A new ambassador stands before the Prime Minister and formally hands over an introductory letter sealed with the mark of his own government. A hopeful business recruit emails her CV and academic record to a prospective employer. A starry-eyed couple meet over coffee, swapping life stories in an effort to test the polarities of magnetism between themContinue reading “Credentials”

Tall poppy rights

Visitors to Australia are sometimes mystified by the Australian egalitarian penchant for “lopping the tall poppies,” i.e. ridiculing those who, by virtue of excellence in their field, may be at risk of showing a tendency to rise above the crowd either in attitude, eccentric behaviour or even failure to meet popular expectation. We quickly cut themContinue reading “Tall poppy rights”

Lenten Voices: On Her Majesty’s Service….

Kingsman: The Secret Service – is a rip-roaring enjoyable spy spoof lightly touching on some tangible everyday challenges – climate change, bullying, coming of age, redemption. The genre, of course, draws on unflinching, totally dedicated, sacrificial service, epitomised by agents given to Her Majesty’s Service (or His Majesty, when the Kingsman private spy agency was born).Continue reading “Lenten Voices: On Her Majesty’s Service….”

Spanning pain and love

  Romans 8:1-27 is its own commentary It speaks cosmologically of the restoration of all creation and how the followers of Christ are called to emulate him in, as N.T. Wright says, standing “between the pain of the world and the love of God,” not as a wall or barrier, but the span of aContinue reading “Spanning pain and love”