Easter Memoirs: Good Friday

Good Friday did not always enjoy the reflection it deserved in my early awareness. In my youth, there was the distraction of Easter camps and sundry other diversions. Lenten preparatory practices were not part of our tradition. In ministry, of course, the responsibility for Easter services had me looking across the broader Christian tradition forContinue reading “Easter Memoirs: Good Friday”

From the Ashes

Ash Wednesday is not really part of my church’s tradition. Dark and sombre with an emphasis on the dreariness of death, it does not sit comfortably with a movement whose focus is on new creation borne on the vitality and inspiration of resurrection life. Yet we will ¬†observe Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the seasonContinue reading “From the Ashes”

Spanning pain and love

  Romans 8:1-27 is its own commentary It speaks cosmologically of the restoration of all creation and how the followers of Christ are called to emulate him in, as N.T. Wright says, standing “between the pain of the world and the love of God,” not as a wall or barrier, but the span of aContinue reading “Spanning pain and love”