Scandal and folly

jesterThe church is no stranger to either and often bears both at the same time. This morning the resolution of a strange and very public dispute between a local priest and his diocese is in the media. No doubt it will add fuel to the fire of the public perception that the church is a collection of nuts!
One of my favourite church satire sites is Ship of Fools.
Comedy shows often depict clergy as incompetent clueless idiots.
So why continue? Ironically, this can also be one of the most endearing features of the church as we pull back the skin.
Who doesn’t love the Vicar of Dibley?
And the Apostle Paul caught on. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
Any vision that has the cross, an instrument of shame and torture, as its focus is bound to attract derision.
According to Renée Girard, we all need a scapegoat upon which to project our chaotic and destructive desires and maintain a cohesive and civil society. When that scapegoat transcends this imposed role and becomes a messiah that redeems society, we are flabbergasted.
Hence Paul preaches Christ crucified, “a scandal to his own people, and foolishness to others.”


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5 thoughts on “Scandal and folly

  1. The case of Chris Bedding has irritated me, partly because I was privvy to some of the detail. It shows that institutions have become self-protective and lack humour. In regard to your theme, it reminded me of several shows, All Gas And Gaiters, O Brother, Vicar of Dibley, all of which potray clergy a odd, silly, and removed from reality. Only the more recent show Rev, which is a drama/comedy has a better view.


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