Easter Memoirs: Good Friday

Good Friday did not always enjoy the reflection it deserved in my early awareness. In my youth, there was the distraction of Easter camps and sundry other diversions. Lenten preparatory practices were not part of our tradition. In ministry, of course, the responsibility for Easter services had me looking across the broader Christian tradition forContinue reading “Easter Memoirs: Good Friday”

Goats, Cricket and Good Friday

Atonement Day on the ancient Hebrew calendar marked the day that two goats were brought before the community. One goat was ritually slain, the other, the scapegoat, having had the sins of the community laid on it, was set loose into the wilderness, not to knowingly be seen again. Anthropologist/theologian Renee Girard cites this as an example ofContinue reading “Goats, Cricket and Good Friday”

8 days B4 Good Friday

Today the lectionary gives us Mark’s terse account of the crucifixion.  Why so early? We haven’t even engaged the joyful and celebratory Palm Sunday celebrations yet. Worship planners are often flummoxed when coming to the Revised Common Lectionary to plan Palm Sunday celebrations. They are confronted with a choice – Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday. EitherContinue reading “8 days B4 Good Friday”

Reflecting on Good Friday

“Why is it called Good when such a bad thing happened?” There’s a bit more to this question than just the etymology that says “good” comes from “God” and that some say it was originally “God’s Friday.” It’s helpful to just sit and ponder the question a while. Let such stillness take you past theContinue reading “Reflecting on Good Friday”