Goats, Cricket and Good Friday

cross1Atonement Day on the ancient Hebrew calendar marked the day that two goats were brought before the community. One goat was ritually slain, the other, the scapegoat, having had the sins of the community laid on it, was set loose into the wilderness, not to knowingly be seen again.

Anthropologist/theologian Renee Girard cites this as an example of how a society, evolutionally violent at its core, maintains cohesion.

Something like that happened in Australian cricket this week. A sacred code was violated and sacrifices and scapegoats were needed. The media high priests called the shots and the public at large was vindicated. It has arguably been the nation’s most unifying event in recent days.

And now it’s Good Friday and the scapegoat chosen to bear the brokenness of the cosmos was Jesus of Nazareth, the one anointed as the Christ. Believer or not, do not dismiss what this day signifies! It is repeated time and time again, all around us. Good Friday’s scapegoat did not disappear into the wilderness, however. He broke the system, and after tomorrow we will enter a new kind of world!

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2 thoughts on “Goats, Cricket and Good Friday

  1. This is indeed a timely post. Feeling so sad at the fall of your cricket greats ! The shame we know so well, as one of our own cricket greats fell from honour not to long ago. Perhaps we need to be reminded now and then that we are all just human and will make mistakes. If only the “media high priests” as you call them, who seem to have the power to sway the tone and extreme of any event, would be reminded, and get off their high horses.
    But the Easter event, your weave in so well, reminds us that at the Cross forgiveness is given and shame is turned into honour, sorrow into joy, and death into life. Hallelujah !
    Wishing you peace and joy this Easter season.

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  2. Thank you – I think there will be a “fellowship of commiseration” emerging across the Indian Ocean! I have heard some very gracious comments from our South African expats here. In the meantime, Easter hope and life is the backdrop of the big picture. May the gift of Easter faith expand amongst you and yours too!


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