Lectionary Haiku 10 April 2022

Palm Sunday So begins Holy Week, not with the rigours of trials and oppression, but a celebratory procession. Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 Let Israel declareHis love endures foreverAnd it is steadfast! **************************** Luke 19:28-40 Make them stop that noiseYou try and muffle their mouthsThe stones would cry out ****************************

Palm Sunday – A Highway to Hell?

Only four weeks ago Canning Highway in Perth was packed tight as thousands of fans commemorated Bon Jovi and AccaDacca’s “Highway to Hell” famous signature song vibrating from bands on a fleet of tray-top trucks as they rolled from Canning Bridge to Fremantle. Four weeks later Perth’s highways are all but deserted as we self-isolateContinue reading “Palm Sunday – A Highway to Hell?”

8 days B4 Good Friday

Today the lectionary gives us Mark’s terse account of the crucifixion.  Why so early? We haven’t even engaged the joyful and celebratory Palm Sunday celebrations yet. Worship planners are often flummoxed when coming to the Revised Common Lectionary to plan Palm Sunday celebrations. They are confronted with a choice – Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday. EitherContinue reading “8 days B4 Good Friday”

Radical Palm Sunday

This Sunday’s Palm Sunday Walk for Refugees from Perth’s St George’s Cathedral will repeat a tradition that has grown over recent years. Palm Sunday events commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem riding the colt of a donkey – the ultimate symbol of peace. It was a high festival time in Jerusalem with pilgrims fromContinue reading “Radical Palm Sunday”

What drives Palm Sunday Peace Parades?

On Sunday, many thousands will march for peace. In Perth, leaving from St George’s Cathedral at 1 pm, those gathered will join others around the country in marching for justice for refugees. Inspiration for Palm Sunday Marches has a long tradition of drawing on the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the eve ofContinue reading “What drives Palm Sunday Peace Parades?”

Palm Sunday Reflections

I found that local primary school children were very quick to link the reign of the Palm Sunday “Prince of Peace” with the values of the Sermon on the Mount – the term’s lessons on generosity, forgiveness, trust and peacefulness. I recall my adolescent “aha!” experience when linking the Vietnam Conflict Peace Marches with theContinue reading “Palm Sunday Reflections”