Radical Palm Sunday

This Sunday’s Palm Sunday Walk for Refugees from Perth’s St George’s Cathedral will repeat a tradition that has grown over recent years. Palm Sunday events commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem riding the colt of a donkey – the ultimate symbol of peace. It was a high festival time in Jerusalem with pilgrims fromContinue reading “Radical Palm Sunday”

New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’

New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’. Just when you think the Australian Government can do no worse in its cruel and dispiriting treatment of maritime asylum seekers, it pulls another rabbit out of the hat. This so-called low key cartoon strip campaign does little more than throw down a challenge to those desperate to fleeContinue reading “New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’”

Time our pollies just stopped…period

        I concur. Christmas Island administrator wants end to bickering – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). We have the ludicrous situation where a Labor government is pressing for the most draconian offshore detention procedures with a conservative opposition pleading humanitarian concerns for blocking the legislation – and each blaming the other forContinue reading “Time our pollies just stopped…period”

A hint of a silver lining…

Welcome to Australia – unity and diversity « Call to radical discipleship. The melancholy cloud that began my week re Australia’s asylum seeker treatment got a hint of a silver lining this morning when the above post from my nephew, Mark, lit up my screen. It showed what is still possible when we operate onContinue reading “A hint of a silver lining…”

When the circus accentuates tragedy…

I’ve just been listening to politicians conscientiously “questioning” the rationale for flying bereaved asylum seeker detainees the long distance from Christmas Island to relatives’ funerals in Sydney. These are the victims of the shipwreck off Christmas Island late last year. “Why not lay them to rest on Christmas Island?” they opine. Forget the fact thatContinue reading “When the circus accentuates tragedy…”

The SIEV-221 drama: lessons from a disaster

It’s only a few weeks since a maritime refugee disaster occurred off our coast. While the aftermath has largely slipped off the radar of mainstream awareness – the question of developing humane asylum seeker policy remains untouched. Jack Smit of SafeCom is one of the most relentless and compassionate commentator/lobbyists I have come across forContinue reading “The SIEV-221 drama: lessons from a disaster”