Christmas Island – chickens come home to roost

PM – Police poised for more violence on Christmas Island 18/03/2011. Asylum seekers locked up indefinitely behind gates in overcrowded quarters on a tiny and remote Indian Ocean island. Some have been there 20 months with no knowledge of expected outcomes. A plot from “Lost”? Nope, its what Australia’s Border Protection Policy looks like andContinue reading “Christmas Island – chickens come home to roost”

When the circus accentuates tragedy…

I’ve just been listening to politicians conscientiously “questioning” the rationale for flying bereaved asylum seeker detainees the long distance from Christmas Island to relatives’ funerals in Sydney. These are the victims of the shipwreck off Christmas Island late last year. “Why not lay them to rest on Christmas Island?” they opine. Forget the fact thatContinue reading “When the circus accentuates tragedy…”