Christmas Island – chickens come home to roost

The location of Christmas Island
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PM – Police poised for more violence on Christmas Island 18/03/2011.

Asylum seekers locked up indefinitely behind gates in overcrowded quarters on a tiny and remote Indian Ocean island.
Some have been there 20 months with no knowledge of expected outcomes.
A plot from “Lost”?
Nope, its what Australia’s Border Protection Policy looks like and there is no evidence that its architects have any regard for humanitarian care, mental health and agreed international conventions on the treatment of asylum seekers.

So they pull a McMurphy and attempt to make a break. Is anyone surprised?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Island – chickens come home to roost

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    Thinking of you both as your battle with Goliath continues. Attitude often comes from the least expected quarters. I note the supportive comments are hidden because of low ratings! That’s why I rarely read the comments section or listen to talk-back. The powers that be have done a really good job of wedging this issue. Hold your head high. All the best.


  2. Thanks! We won the MRT appeal, by the way, so the battle is nearly over – I hope so anyway.

    Yes, I can no longer read the comments either generally. I just happened to glance at those shortly before I saw your post and was disgusted.

    I see in The Age Bowen is threatening to revoke or deny visas of protesters – it is like sending them to bed without supper as if they are naughty children, Ridiculous!!!


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