Time our pollies just stopped…period





I concur.

Christmas Island administrator wants end to bickering – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

We have the ludicrous situation where a Labor government is pressing for the most draconian offshore detention procedures with a conservative opposition pleading humanitarian concerns for blocking the legislation – and each blaming the other for the arrival of more boats!

The time for schoolyard politics is over. Now is the hour that calls for some good moral leadership. Bite the bullet and return to the sane practice of onshore processing for all asylum seekers, no matter how they arrive here.

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2 thoughts on “Time our pollies just stopped…period

  1. It seems we are reaching some sort of a pinnacle of what the so called “silent majority” will stand for. Even on the basis of economics alone, many can be persuaded to a preference for onshore processing. Add a modicum of humanity and it’s a no-brainer!


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