Slow news day at The West Australian

Schools change national anthem – The West Australian. Come on now! I’m prepared to discuss with some give and take the relevance of CRE to the state school curriculum, Federal funding for chaplaincy and whether or not the Lord’s Prayer has a place in public life and education, but I’m surprised anyone would want toContinue reading “Slow news day at The West Australian”

Religion & the Secular State

In the light of the current discussions on the nature of the “secular” in relation to religion in the public arena, particularly where government funding of religious programs in state schools is concerned, or even access of religious groups within the education system, it’s sometimes helpful to hear a voice from outside. See┬áThio Li-ann: ReligionContinue reading “Religion & the Secular State”

No government funds, please: we’re Christians! – ABC Religion & Ethics – Blog

Storm in a teacup or point of no return? As an advocate for chaplaincy and stakeholder with my state provider (which, by the way, was formative in crafting the guidelines that made the whole thing workable before and after the complication of government funding), I find sense in the view expressed here: No government funds,Continue reading “No government funds, please: we’re Christians! – ABC Religion & Ethics – Blog”

1000 extra chaplains to be dispatched into state schools | Adelaide Now

Lots of Budget news to ponder, but this one caught my eye. 1000 extra chaplains to be dispatched into state schools | Adelaide Now. A bold move in light of the current High Court challenge. I support school chaplaincy but predicted controversy when the Howard government, followed by the Rudd and Gillard governments, stepped inContinue reading “1000 extra chaplains to be dispatched into state schools | Adelaide Now”

A CRE teacher reflects…

I begin this year’s round of Christian Religious Education (CRE) classes at the local primary school tomorrow – this is in response to the national statutory permission for churches to negotiate access to Education Department schools for the purpose of “religious instruction” for 30 minutes per class per week. The experience for a student isContinue reading “A CRE teacher reflects…”

Back to school – or school at home?

To home school or not? Today’s article in Eureka Street discusses its benefits against a constrained and competitive school system. We are long past our child’s school days, but we had to work hard to ensure his particular needs were met through the public system. The argument seems to be that home-schooling provides a moreContinue reading “Back to school – or school at home?”