Church State solution still simmers on the side-lines

This came across my screen a few days ago and I think it’s one of the more cogent opinion pieces I’ve seen in the media as the High Court hearing on government funding for National School Chaplaincy Program approaches. Hurdle in church-state juggle – Opinion – Editorial – General – The Canberra Times. Next month,Continue reading “Church State solution still simmers on the side-lines”

Religion & the Secular State

In the light of the current discussions on the nature of the “secular” in relation to religion in the public arena, particularly where government funding of religious programs in state schools is concerned, or even access of religious groups within the education system, it’s sometimes helpful to hear a voice from outside. See¬†Thio Li-ann: ReligionContinue reading “Religion & the Secular State”

Funding school chaplaincy

Australia’s National School Chaplaincy Program is under review and the public is invited to respond to a¬†discussion paper through submissions that are due no later than March 18th. As I predicted when government subsidies for chaplains in schools was announced by the Howard government in 2006, religious organisations would need to prepare for a roughContinue reading “Funding school chaplaincy”