Meditating with Rumi

It was an Iraqi man who introduced me to the beauty of Rumi. Today’s post from Spirituality and Practice also celebrates the spirit of this wise medieval poet and mystic” Search the Darkness Sit with your friends; don’t go back to sleep. Don’t sink like a fish to the bottom of the sea. Surge likeContinue reading “Meditating with Rumi”

Cultivating Mindfulness

Every so often a word grabs attention because it seems alien to everyday speech, yet begins to appear prolifically. It begs investigation. Yesterday “mindfulness” appeared frequently in a Virtues Project workshop hosted at our church. Later in the evening, I received an unrelated invitation to complete the final phase of a survey being conducted byContinue reading “Cultivating Mindfulness”

That’s worth taking on!

Lent is not a customary observance within the tradition of Christian formation that nurtured me. But I have come to it much in latter years. There is something very powerful about being caught up in the re-enactment of the Christian festivals and fasts that tell our story year after year. Contrary to the popularised ideaContinue reading “That’s worth taking on!”