Vicarious Pilgrimage – the Camino de Santiago

I’ve always enjoyed the long distance walks of John and Marilyn. I can do it all from the comfort of my chair. Two years ago they walked the full distance of the Bibbulman Track – I traced every inch of their journey over my own maps which have been waiting like an expectant pooch withContinue reading “Vicarious Pilgrimage – the Camino de Santiago”

Craft for a Dry Lake by Kim Mahood

Part of my summer reading is an autobiography that weaves the theme of attachment to land by settler and Aborigine alike. The death of the author’s father prompts a personal pilgrimage to the remote station lands of her childhood. Her connection to the land is marked by ambiguity – it is a wrestling with identityContinue reading “Craft for a Dry Lake by Kim Mahood”