No itch to scratch here

Bloganuary asks “What irritates you about the home you liveĀ in?” Let me echo a known politician:“I reject the premise of your question.”Our home is bathed in gratitudeAnd to say such carries no platitude. Homelessness is on the rise in our cityDue to rent-stress and evictions sans pityFriends and neighbours have sufferedAnd remain under this crisisContinue reading “No itch to scratch here”

An Attitude of Gratitude!

#Bloganuary Writing Prompt: What Are 5 Things You Are Grateful For Today? Why does such a question trouble me?Is it because it appears to commodify gratitude?I am deeply grateful for many things, although troubles are ever threatening and I have described my state as watchfulness in a sea of existential dissonance.Yet underneath runs a never-endingContinue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude!”

Attitude of Gratitude

Today’s Psalm 95 begins on a high note but descends into minor chords of melancholy. How odd! Songs of praise are traditionally upbeat, giving expression to high emotions associated with relief and exuberance, assured of the benevolence of a Creator who has offered provision and protection even in tough times. The composer of this PsalmContinue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”