Let’s try a Sonnet

When one feels the urge to writeYet thoughts refuse to formAnd sense retires in spite,One takes such as the normAnd lifts the pen in hopeOf catching what flies byWhile making wide one’s scopeAnd snaring what is nigh. And so a poem is bornRaw and gasping for airLying lost and forlornSeeking to avoid despairBut now it’sContinue reading “Let’s try a Sonnet”

Bloganuary Challenge

Throughout January, my blog host, WordPress, poses a daily question in its Bloganuary challenge It kicks off with “What advice would you give your teenage self?” Let me respond by trying something new – a biolet (poetic device that follows ABabBA – any meter) Acknowledge your fearLet go of your timidityWithin you is the courageContinue reading “Bloganuary Challenge”