Duty of Care – a Lament

Well, what a week it’s turned out to beRobodebt, cardinals, a long highway searchLoading lots of disquiet on our TVLooks like duty of care’s fallen off the perch. Old institutions seem to be crumbling downTheir trustworthiness once worth more than goldThere used to be a value held all over townA duty of care that couldContinue reading “Duty of Care – a Lament”


Bloganuary probes and asks, “What is something you learned recently?” To speak of what I learned todayI’m not at liberty to discloseFor such occurs in many a wayIt comes with the territory, I s’pose. For I’m a hearer of storiesWhispered from places deep‘Tis a privilege to receive themand in safety and silence keep. Many a dayContinue reading “Stories”

Most Memorable Gift

What memorable gift is a pilgrim’s boon?From years of sojourning on this planet so smallWhen one looks over life and discerns its tuneOne hears a melody that threads through it all Of what does life sing and what is its lyric?Is it symphony, ballad, fairground or rock?Does it dowse my senses or is it somethingContinue reading “Most Memorable Gift”

Why do you write? – a Sonnet

Tonight I vowed to pen a sonnetRegardless of the question askedI suppose I laid a hope upon itA writing talent to be unmasked “Why do you write?” arrives the questionWhat stirs my need to be verbose?How am I stirred each scribing session?Be it rhyme or be it prose? There is a voice deep withinThat clamoursContinue reading “Why do you write? – a Sonnet”

Let’s try a Sonnet

When one feels the urge to writeYet thoughts refuse to formAnd sense retires in spite,One takes such as the normAnd lifts the pen in hopeOf catching what flies byWhile making wide one’s scopeAnd snaring what is nigh. And so a poem is bornRaw and gasping for airLying lost and forlornSeeking to avoid despairBut now it’sContinue reading “Let’s try a Sonnet”