The Descendants – A Movie Review

A new story line seems to have caught Hollywood’s imagination … helpless, bereft dads reconnecting with their kids! Get a big box office attraction like Matt Damon or George Clooney, throw him in the deep end and see how he swims. It seems we enjoy bumbling dads, emotionally bereft of their partners, launching a way-outContinue reading “The Descendants – A Movie Review”

We bought a zoo – movie review

Couple’s choice tonight – and we agreed on this one as ‘The Iron Lady’ was booked out. It has something for everyone – animals for the kids, teenage angst for the tweeners, and romance with lots of silent, knowing exchanges between the star turns. I desperately looked for something deep and meaningful but in theContinue reading “We bought a zoo – movie review”

Nostalgia – a good place to visit but would you want to live there?

Mrs Wondering Pilgrim and I are just back from a night out at the local multiplex. With a birthday just around the corner, we thought it a good idea to use a Gold Class gift voucher and enjoy some special cuisine while we luxuriated in some plush recliners. With this sort of setup, one selectsContinue reading “Nostalgia – a good place to visit but would you want to live there?”