The Descendants – A Movie Review

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A new story line seems to have caught Hollywood’s imagination … helpless, bereft dads reconnecting with their kids! Get a big box office attraction like Matt Damon or George Clooney, throw him in the deep end and see how he swims. It seems we enjoy bumbling dads, emotionally bereft of their partners, launching a way-out project that simultaneously wins over their hostile, alienated and scornful offspring. We are meant to laugh, cry, cheer and sigh as the cinematic journey leads us to the satisfactory conclusion of a content, wise and happy family unit “being together” as the end credits roll.

The left-field nature of the foils are similar. Freshly widowed Matt Damon’s character bought a zoo.  George Clooney’s persona  reluctantly unhooks his comatose wife’s life support, then leads his daughters and one of their goofy beaux on an island hopping hunt for the guy who cuckolded him.  The comedy, the drama, the climaxes, the poignant moments – you can almost set your watch by them.

The scenery and the Hawaiian music were nice.

2.5 stars out of 5

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