Troubled times … fresh resources.

“Crisis always comes with opportunity,” suggests the Chinese pictogram. How this relates to the current ascension¬†of the greed of the few and the corresponding upward spiral of cost to the many is elegantly demonstrated in this video clip: Human history seems to reveal a default trend of societies devolving from the most altruistic ideals toContinue reading “Troubled times … fresh resources.”

Compulsory Income Management

This morning’s article in Eureka Street scratches an irritating itch. On behalf of my local church, I receive occasional calls to help out families on hard times. My training has me quickly assessing the level of need, its genuineness and the appropriate response. Often it’s the choice between organising a food parcel or accompanying theContinue reading “Compulsory Income Management”

Blogging against Poverty – Blog Action Day

Ever wondered what more you can do about world poverty? It’s a bit like the kid throwing beached starfish back into the ocean – not a hope of saving the thousands of stranded ones so why bother at all – what difference does it make? “It makes a difference to this one,” he says, chuckingContinue reading “Blogging against Poverty – Blog Action Day”

Signing in from Nashville

G’day readers, here we are. Lots of stuff already written up for this pilgrim’s journal here, but there’s a problem connecting my laptop to the hotel’s wifi system, so until I find a hotspot that works, I’m using the public internet in the lobby. I’ll load the report on the journey here when I can.Continue reading “Signing in from Nashville”

World Cup vs World Vision?

How many Aussies will be late for work tomorrow having stayed up in the still small hours to watch the Socceroo-Croatia contest? And now this from World cup anti-poverty advert is banned The UK Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre has banned an advert by a Christian relief agency which contrasts the ¬£49 million it hasContinue reading “World Cup vs World Vision?”