Out of Zimbabwe

It’s now a few days since completing a three week stint working with Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe as part of a volunteer team from Australia and New Zealand. The dust has started to settle, the Africa in our veins is distilling to something quieter and more reflective. The next few posts will describe someContinue reading “Out of Zimbabwe”

Edinburgh 2010 comes to Perth

Great celebration of Edinburgh 2010 in Perth today. 100 years ago missionary organisations came together in Scotland in the recognition that Christian mission could only advance with a united front. The modern ecumenical movement was born. We celebrated at St Peter’s & Emmaus (a combined Uniting Church/Anglican parish) with the help of choirs from localContinue reading “Edinburgh 2010 comes to Perth”

Breakfast with BJ

Part of the Saturday morning crowd with BJ and Chipo Mpofu (right)   Folk from over half a dozen Perth western suburbs churches gathered for an early Saturday morning breakfast with BJ & Chipo Mpofu. Under his role as President of World Convention of Churches of Christ, BJ opened the proceedings with a celebration ofContinue reading “Breakfast with BJ”

Signing in from Nashville

G’day readers, here we are. Lots of stuff already written up for this pilgrim’s journal here, but there’s a problem connecting my laptop to the hotel’s wifi system, so until I find a hotspot that works, I’m using the public internet in the lobby. I’ll load the report on the journey here when I can.Continue reading “Signing in from Nashville”

State of emergency ?!?

At long last, there is some acknowledgment from our elected leaders that remote aboriginal communities are in urgent need of support and help. National debate rages over the form this is taking. At its worst it looks like a sledgehammer approach to communities that are already fragile and vulnerable. At its best it enacts aContinue reading “State of emergency ?!?”

Ecumenism & Churches of Christ – a CCTC Symposium Reflection

Working together into the future: ecumenism and Churches of Christ I missed the earlier presentations on identity and the Restoration Movement, but suspect that these would have been related to the kinds of conundrums that were inevitably raised here. The questions were not new but were arising in fresh contexts. How does a movement suchContinue reading “Ecumenism & Churches of Christ – a CCTC Symposium Reflection”