Receptive Ecumenism

Just spent a wonderful weekend helping host a visit to Perth by Professor Paul Murray of Durham University. “Receptive Ecumenism” is his forte. It is about opening heart and mind across the traditions that identify the diversity of the Christian story yet also divide and fragment its unity. We stand at a time in historyContinue reading “Receptive Ecumenism”

A teaser from tomorrow’s harangue…

We can try and create events that proscribe the words of Jesus’ deepest and most intimate prayer. We set up councils and events and programmes to “promote” Christian unity. This is good and necessary work, even when frustrations put stumbling blocks in the way. It is not through the structures we create, however, but itContinue reading “A teaser from tomorrow’s harangue…”

Edinburgh 2010 comes to Perth

Great celebration of Edinburgh 2010 in Perth today. 100 years ago missionary organisations came together in Scotland in the recognition that Christian mission could only advance with a united front. The modern ecumenical movement was born. We celebrated at St Peter’s & Emmaus (a combined Uniting Church/Anglican parish) with the help of choirs from localContinue reading “Edinburgh 2010 comes to Perth”