John Dear SJ

Have been reconnecting with several colleagues from the last millennium as we arrange a college reunion. One has drawn my attention to the work of John Dear SJ. I googled him and I like the stuff, as a non-violent peace activist, he writes. Here’s an example

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Not really retired but reshaped and reshaping. Now a pilgrim at large ready to engage with what each day brings.

One thought on “John Dear SJ

  1. Dear Dennis,good to be reminded of the gap in our communication that has been far too long,both in the friend to friend communication and in the class of ’74 communications.
    What news of the ancient ones (other than football).
    I have been fairly busy between Quakers, the Borderlands Cooperative,the establishment of a Gandhian Library and the Launch of the Borderlands Centre for Non Violence.
    I am also on the last two units of a Masters in Integrative and Transformative Studies ( this has been really exciting.Have you come across ‘Monks Without Borders’?
    Next Friday and Saturday I am offering a workshop (twice) on the subject of ‘How to retain your sense of humour and a sparkle in your eye while saving the world’. Two hours each time.I’ll let you know how they go.The first session is for Quakers and is part of a series called ‘Friendly Concerns’ which is part of my Graduate School Project
    around nurturing Quaker Spirituality and supporting Quaker Leadings and Concerns around Peace and Social Justice.The saturday is part of a celebratory day with a breakfast with a speaker
    on ‘Creativity and Presence in everyday moments’ with Dr Jan Allen which will be followed by a series of workshops and performances.
    I am also enjoying painting and writing (for publication)
    anyhow, enough of me,what of you,yours and your world?


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