Lenten Voices: It’s all in the name.

As a teenager, I looked up the meaning of my first given name. My then prudish temperament was somewhat taken aback to see that it was associated with Dionysus, the debauched Greek god of revelry and wine. Had I been raised as an ancient Hebrew, it could have been far worse, for names were givenContinue reading “Lenten Voices: It’s all in the name.”

Australia’s Imams on Osama, tolerance and Sharia law | Herald Sun

      The recent niqab controversy has given rise to more, mostly media orchestrated, controversy over the role of Islam in western society. At least one newspaper has had the civility to canvas a range of Islamic leadership voices on current issues often commented on “in the third person” :¬†Australia’s Imams on Osama, toleranceContinue reading “Australia’s Imams on Osama, tolerance and Sharia law | Herald Sun”

Of Gods and Men (2010) – a review

See synopsis at¬†Of Gods and Men (2010) – IMDb. Having written earlier this week of “receptive ecumenism” and new cross-cultural invitations to work together, this film reminds us, in its beginnings, that this is an ancient idea. We see a small Christian monastic community living harmoniously and symbiotically within a small Islamic village. Medicine, hospitalityContinue reading “Of Gods and Men (2010) – a review”

Pope Benedict XVI – that speech

Much has been written in the media concerning an excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI’s recent speech at Regensburg which cited a medieval Byzantine emperor’s less than favourable view of the Islamic practice of “conversion by the sword.” I don’t propose to discuss this, but merely to point a very thoughtful treatment by Gil Baillie ofContinue reading “Pope Benedict XVI – that speech”