Of Gods and Men (2010) – a review

See synopsis atĀ Of Gods and Men (2010) – IMDb. Having written earlier this week of “receptive ecumenism” and new cross-cultural invitations to work together, this film reminds us, in its beginnings, that this is an ancient idea. We see a small Christian monastic community living harmoniously and symbiotically within a small Islamic village. Medicine, hospitalityContinue reading “Of Gods and Men (2010) – a review”

Yes – Christians & Muslims can Pro-exist!

So claimed Toby Keva, Uniting Church student minister who grew up in Indonesia. Toby was one of two key note speakers at this afternoon’s interfaith dialogue Can Christians and Muslims Co-exist in the Modern World. Toby contended that his own experience answered this question where, even in the face of sporadic violence in his homeContinue reading “Yes – Christians & Muslims can Pro-exist!”